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Complete Readiness at the time of any global emergency

National has always risen to the occasion during any emergency crisis where humanitarian relief is needed. Our highly trained field specialists are deployed on missions as required to coordinate urgent relief materials, medical equipment, and other relief supplies to the affected regions within the hour. We are partners with several international aid agencies including the United Nations, USAID, World Health Organization (WHO), Red Cross and several other government agencies for such time-sensitive movements.

We see humanitarian aid as a fundamental expression of universal solidarity between people and a moral imperative. National has partnered with several international organizations to achieve the primary objective of its humanitarian aid program, which is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity. Our rapid response and time-bound deliveries have helped us solidify our position as a critical player in global humanitarian aid missions.

With such a credit-worthy experience in humanitarian relief missions, National’s carefully engineered processes and procedures, attempt to provide aid and support to a wide array of global missions, including post-conflict reconstruction and stabilization, peacekeeping, rapid-response disaster relief, and reaching out to governments of crisis-hit countries.

From Ebola outbreaks in Liberia to Earthquakes in Haiti, Nepal, and the Philippines, the cyclones in Mozambique right up to the latest COVID-19 pandemic, National joined forces with the frontline workers to provide logistics aid and support during these life-altering adversities around the world.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 National Airlines has been in the forefront airlifting relief supplies to different parts of the world. We were the first ones to go into Wuhan, China after the outbreak with PPE kits, masks and other medical equipment. Later, medical supplies were flown out of China to the US, Europe and other regions to provide much needed relief to the pandemic.

In the later stage, we coordinated COVID-19 vaccination transport to different regions, including the first vaccination deliveries to Africa. During the devastating second wave of COVID-19, we embarked on a mission within less than 24 hours’ notice to airlift lifesaving medical supplies including oxygen concentrators, cylinders, masks etc to India, Pakistan & Nepal

Key Specialties of our humanitarian mission
  • Full Charters – Cargo
  • Part Charters – Cargo
  • Coordination from procurement todistribution at remote crisis-hit locations
  • Deployment of highly trained personnel for special missions and crisis-responseworldwide
  • Life-saving medical supplies
  • Navigating through inaccessible terrains