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Fast Moving
Goods (FMCG)

Bridging gaps with timely deliveries!

From packed food to beverages, over-the-counter goods to other consumables, National Air Cargo offers FMCG logistics solutions to ship large quantities of goods at a moment’s notice across the globe. Bridging the gap between industries and retailers, our teams provide streamlined logistics solutions to cater to short shelf-life goods. When essential household items made global headlines due to panic buying during the COVID-19 pandemic, a warning sign was flagged to global FMCG product suppliers. Increased consumer demand can pressure FMCG supply chains, and expectations from end-users are increasing in a competitive environment.

Planning and working together with supply chain partners creates efficiencies to overcome unforeseen challenges in the fast-paced environment for FMCG products. Forecasting can be a challenge, and flexibility in supply chain processes, including transportation methods, warehouse locations, and accurate inventory visibility, can make a difference to ensure supply meets demand.

At NAC, our FMCG sector experts focus on a holistic view of a product’s supply chain from the outset of product development to final end-user delivery.