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Serving governments and armed forces with pride & passion!

National Air Cargo is one of the most experienced logistics solutions providers for government and defense missions across the globe. We have consistently been recognized as an industry leader in reference to Defense Logistics by catering to the transport needs of the US Military. Being a CRAF carrier, and by moving sensitive, high-value, and highly classified cargo to the world’s most complex locations, National has always been a faithful adherent of the US DOD. With expertise spanning across the globe, National has operated from remote locations in Africa to the FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) in complex war zones like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. Likewise, we serve the governments of crisis-hit countries, areas of political instability and volatile security with immense pride that continuously drives our passion.

National delivers a broad spectrum of tailor-made solutions that aids base operations and life support and support contingency and permissive environments for our government clients for classified and unclassified requirements worldwide. NAC provides complete supply chain management and services through a vast global operations network that supports government contractors. Many of our worldwide offices are specially trained and equipped to move your largest shipments safely and reliably, nearly anywhere in the world. NAC moves cargo into and out of some of the most complex and sensitive areas. Our fastest-growing regions are the Middle East and Africa.

Our Key Specialities
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Superior communication protocols
  • Diversity Programs/SBA (US Government)
  • Security moves/Armed escorts
  • Coordination of deliveries to meet fielding teams at bases worldwide
  • Web-based visibility worldwide
  • Aid and relief operations
  • Time-definite deliveries
  • Specialized equipment
  • Military spec packaging/crating