Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What information is required to request a quote?

The number of pieces, weight, dimension, origin, destination, city, state, and zip code. If there is any other information pertinent to the shipment, please list that as well.

How do I figure out DIM weight?

For a domestic shipment, the formula is L x W x H/166. The formula for an international shipment is L x W x H/139. For your convenience, an online calculator is located to the right in the Tools section of the website.

Are there any exceptions to what National Air Cargo is able to ship?

Due to new regulations, we are unable to ship pets, personal, or household items. In these cases, contacting a moving company would better suit your needs.

Accounting Questions

How do I open an account with National Air Cargo?

Please fill out the credit form completely and fax it back to National Air Cargo at 716-677-2657 or toll free 1-877-705-3689.

Payment Terms Questions

What are your payment terms?

Payment is due upon receipt of our invoice.

What is the mailing address of your billing department?

National Air Cargo
Accounting Department
350 Windward Drive
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Invoice/Receipt Questions

As a vendor, what information do you require to ensure timely payments of our invoices?

Please provide our House Air Way Bill number or the airline's Master Air Way Bill number on the invoice.

How can I request a copy of my original or adjusted invoice?

To request a copy of your invoice, please contact our billing office at 716-631-0011.

Government Shipment Questions

What is a GBL and CBL?

A Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL) are forms for government shipments utilized to facilitate billing.

Does National Air Cargo offer PowerTrack capabilities?

National Air Cargo is a certified U.S. bank Carrier for PowerTrack, an internet-based freight billing and payment system mandated by the Department of Defense. Government customers interested in National Air Cargo shipments processed via PowerTrack should call an account representative at 1-800-635-0022.

Military Customer Questions

As a military customer, I don't have PowerTrack, what are my other options?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Please note that the military has asked all shippers to migrate from the Government Bill of Lading (GBL) to PowerTrack.

As a military customer, how do I establish a trade partner relationship with National Air Cargo?

Contact the accounting department at 716-631-0011. Please ensure you have you DODAC, GBLOC and your buyer name, as it appears in PowerTrack, plus the type of invoicing that you utilize (shipper, carrier or matching).

Delivery Questions

When is an Overnight shipment delivered?

Shipments requested overnight are delivered the next business day. For example: A Friday Overnight will be delivered Monday, not Saturday. Special arrangements can be made for Saturday/Sunday and holiday deliveries by contacting a Customer Operations Specialist at 1-800-635-0022.

Requirements Questions

What are National's Import/Export Requirements?

We require the proper customs documents, a point of contact, phone number, and broker information. Broker information is not required for government shipments.

When is a Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) required?

An SED is required on shipments leaving the United States that are valued over $2,500 US.