January 29, 2015

"When the US President Barack Obama sends the proposed 2015 US budget to Congress this month he will sharply cut in Navy shipbuilding and Air Force aircraft purchases, and a 20 percent reduction in army ground forces as part of a major reduction of US military forces to their lowest level since World War II. This will be followed by even steeper downsizing in his budget proposal for 2016. US administration’s proposal comes in at a time when America continues to be the dominant military power in the world and largely leads the allied forces fighting war or war-like situations around the world. The US defense budget cut is a significant decision for several logistics firms around the world that work with the US and allied forces managing the supply chain....

..."There remains a significant demand for military logistics within the Middle East and National Air Cargo is at the forefront of providing these services. Indicative of our expertise in this highly specialized field at present, military volumes contribute more than 70 per cent of our overall traffic,” says Jacob Matthew, President & Board Member, National Air Cargo.
National Air Cargo has long been established in this business for more than 20 years with a strong presence throughout this time in both Iraq and Afghanistan. According to Matthew, in Iraq and Afghanistan National established self-handled capabilities at more than five air fields. "We are extremely successful in moving shipments varying from medicines to food supplies to equipment to vehicles to aircraft engines and spare parts. Whether it’s during war time, peace building or time of conflict or withdrawal, the logistical challenges remain the same – that is, efficient, timely and safe delivery of consignments,” he adds. Throughout, National Air Cargo has been trusted and respected for being able to provide such specialized services to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and with professional precision....."

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